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Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers

What happens when we are no longer around or unable to make decisions can cause us all to worry. Our expert family lawyers can help you achieve peace of mind. We provide specialised wills, probate and lasting powers of attorney services to help you protect your assets and ensure your wishes are fulfilled. Book a free appointment today to learn more. 

We Are Specialists In Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers

Over the past two decades we have helped thousands of individuals manage their estates, protect their family, and protect their assets with a last will and testament. We help hundreds of people every year create living wills, issue lasting powers of attorney and contest wills through probate. This experience means we can help you with any matter relating to wills, probate and lasting powers, with confidence. Book a free appointment today to talk through your options without obligation.

To see how we can help you, and for more detail about our services, please view our ‘How we can help’ section. For examples of previous work see our case studies section. If you have specific questions our FAQ section contains answers to our most frequently asked questions about wills, probate and lasting powers. And, finally, if you’d like to talk to a specialist just hit the button below to book a first free appointment. 

How we can help…

No matter the complexity of your case, we have a specialist family lawyer who can help you. Below is our list of core services in this area but please do contact us should you require a specialist service not listed.

Creating a new Will: A last will and testament sets out how you would like to divide your assets after you are gone. We can draft and officiate wills in just 24 hours for a fixed fee. Book a free appointment for more information.

Court of protection cases: If you or a loved one no longer has the capacity to make important decisions a court of protection order will ensure that all financial and personal matters are taken care of. Talk to us about this contentious area of law in confidence.  

Contesting a will: When a last will and testament is unclear or concerns around its legitimacy are raised specialist advice is needed. Our dedicated team of probate lawyers can help you contest a will through probate.

Name changes: Simple name changes can be carried out by us in a matter of hours for a fixed fee. Enquire for some free guidance and a quote.

Updating a will: Keeping a will up to date as your circumstances change is essential. We can help you change, update or redraft your will for a fixed fee. Book a free appointment to find out more.  

Lasting Powers: Lasting powers of attorney grant an individual you know and trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. We recommend all clients use thei slegal method to establish what should happen if they are unable to control events.  

Living Wills: Many people fear what should happen if they became seriously ill and were unable to make medical decisions. For many the thought of being kept on a ventilator or being put in a home are truly terrifying. Lasting wills lay out exactly what you would like to happen in these circumstances and will be communicated to those relevant should the worse happen. We can draft living wills quickly and for a fixed fee. Contact us for more information.

Estate Management: Many clients choose for us to be executors of their will and to manage their estates after they are gone. In contentious situations having an independent third party manage the execution of a will or management of an estate can avoid any unpleasantness in the courts. Talk to us toady without obligation for a free and frank discussion about your options.

Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a will cost?

The drafting of wills can be a very simple or a very complex affair depending on your assets and your wishes. A simple will can cost as little as £199. A more complex one can cost several thousand. We offer everyone a fixed fee quote at their first free appointment and offer discounts of up to 35% for NHS staff, existing customers and essential workers. Book your first free appointment today for a free and frank discussion about your wishes and your .

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do! We offer discounts of up to 35% on wills for NHS staff, key workers and existing HRS Family law Solicitor customers. Just book a free appointment today and someone will be in touch to talk to you about it.

Can I leave money to a charity in my will?

Yes you absolutely can. Leaving some money to a charity in your will is a great way to give back and continue your legacy. We can help you pass on small lump sums or arrange the creation of trusts for larger amounts. Just book a first free appointment today to find out more.

I have a complex estate. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have a specialist team who handle complex estates and we are able to draw expertise from some of the country’s finest service providers in this area. We regularly handle estates that contain multiple properties, shared family assets, and are valued highly. Book a first free appointment at our Birmingham branch today and our specialist team will assist you.

Who gets the children when we are gone?

This is largely up to you and the potential guardians. Traditionally the children will go to the surviving parent, grandparents or another close family member. Although things may be more complex if you are seperated and have a child arrangement order in place. Contact us today for a free appointment and we can lay down some options for you to consider. 

What's the difference between lasting powers of attorney and court of protection deputyship?

The court of protection assigns deputies to people who have lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves. A deputy helps a vulnrable person manage their own affairs. Lasting Powers of Attorney are documents you can draw up with a lawyer to state what you would like to happen if you lose capacity. Think of a deputyship as a reactive response to loss of capacity and lasting powers of attorney as a proactive approach to deciding what should happen if you do lose capacity.

I want to make a living will, can you help?

Absolutely. Living wills are becoming increasingly common and we have quickly become experts in their drafting and their execution. We find they are particularly important for individuals facing the prospect of advanced medical care where there is a risk of complications. Talk to us today for free and we can discuss options with you and draft a living will in as little as 4 hours if neccassary. 

I want to contest a will. I don't think the person who wrote it really intended for that to be their last will. Can you help?

Yes. This area of law can be highly complex and difficult to navigate. We can help you appraise your options and if possible issue an application to the probate courts for the will to be reconsidered.

Did you do the will for _____?

We have thousands of wills and lasting powers on record. If you beleive we may hold a copy of a will for a recently deceased loved one please call our West Bromwich branch who can do a record check for you.  

I'm worried about what happens when I get older. I don't want to be in a home. Can you help?

Many people are fearful of being put into a home should they lose capacity. We can help you draw up lasting powers of attorney and a ‘liing will’ that sets out what should happen if you do lose capacity. Book a first free appointment today and we can help you navigate this complexity. 

What are others are saying about our wills, probate & lasting powers service?

Mr L – Walsall Branch

Hello Clive. Since the case has been sorted I’ve had many happy months/years with my lad and see him as normal, and the relationship I have with his mother is civil and there are no issues.

Mr J – West Brom Branch

I have access to my daughter because of HRS Family Law and Namita. Worth every penny. Justice was served on its finest platter and I’m forever grateful, thank you so much!

G – West Bromwich Branch

I would recommend to all My friends that HRS Family solicitors are the best solicitors to go for the service is very good and I was very happy for the work they have done for me.

C – Walsall Branch

I found your service very professional and informative Amy was very nice and professional as I was in danger and was undecided what to do I contacted the police and they advised me so I chose to not take the legal route at this time Thank you


P – Walsall Branch

Leanne has helped my wife and I adopt our nephew under a Special Guardianship Order. We are forever grateful for her willingness, through approach and pro-activity. On the latter point, we never had to wait for Leanne to reach out for provide us council. In addition, her attention to detail was of an incredibly high standard and I would highly recommend her – thanks for much Leanne for your help, we absolutely could not have achieved this without you.


SB – Wolverhampton Branch

After finding myself in need of a family lawyer to help in a case with my children I contacted HRS who assigned me my own lawyer. I cannot put into words how this amazing woman has not only helped me with my case but also changed me as a person forever. This is due to her calm and collective approach to anything that was thrown our way, she learnt and advised me to just think things through calmly and always keep calm etc.
She is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I cannot thank her enough.
Her professional attitude and wealth of knowledge in this field is second to none. I wish her all the success in the world she deserves it .

Thanks again

AS – Birmingham Branch

I had Mr Ahmed representing me recently and i was very impressed with his positive attitude and careful understanding of my case. He had clear communication with myself prior to the hearing date and gave me an insight into the proceedings and what to expect . He conducted himself in a very professional and friendly manner and he achieved the result i am satisfied with. I would definitely recommend him and wish him all the best for a successful career.
Thank you for your efforts.
Kind regards

ND – West Brom Branch

Thank you very much for you excellent services.

KW- West Brom Branch

From my inquiring online for a consultation and speaking to the receptionist was Really quick. During the consultation everything was explained in a jargon-free way by a lady who presented your company well clearly demonstrating her knowledge from the beginning to end of our conversation. I felt a real sense of relief within a short time of explaining my families situation that i was going to get the correct help at I needed at this very tough and challenging time. I was overly impressed!!!

Alice and Geoff- Bearwood Branch

I’ve just come out of a long and complicated process and feel very relieved. Your advice was very well suited to the situation and always timely. Thank you from Alice and Geoff

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Thinking about what happens when we are no longer here is rather daunting. At HRS Family Law Solicitors we have the expertise and ability to make these conversations and decisons much easier. We can help you have a free and frank discussion about what you want should the worse happen. And then we can help codify those wishes into legally binding documents. Book a free appointment today and we can help you begin. 

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