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Theresa’s Story: Spreading a little joy around the globe

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Deciding to make a new will

Theresa was part of the Windrush generation that moved to the UK from the Caribbean in the 60s. She had a long and colourful life working in the NHS, first as a nurse and later a senior manager. Throughout her career she had been very prudent and put something away every month. All that saving had turned into a nice little retirement fund she was hoping to enjoy with relatives in the UK and Caribbean.

Some bad news

Unfortunately, Theresa got some very bad news. She had a terminal illness and only a few years to live. She decided that if she couldn’t enjoy her money, she’d spread some joy to those she loved. Theresa was recommended to HRS by one of her former colleagues at the hospital. She was told HRS Family Law were incredibly trustworthy and they gave an NHS discount.

Theresa booked in a first free appointment at our Bearwood office where she was greeted by one of our last will and testament specialists. The specialist put Theresa at ease right away and began work on her case. He took a list of all the people Theresa wanted to leave money to, their names, addresses and contact details and who may be able to contact them should they not be available. He then took copies of all her important documents and promised to send her a draft by the end of the week.

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A will in just 72 hours

72 hours later Theresa was invited back to the office to review the document and sign the papers. As the will was complex Theresa chose to make HRS Family Law the executor. She left big sums to all of her family in the UK and smaller sums to cousins, nephews and nieces in the Caribbean. She signed the document and felt relaxed that everything was in hand.

Carrying out Theresa’s final wishes

A year later Theresa passed on. As executors of the will we began contacting all of Theresa’s family to share with them the news. We made calls to Jamaica, London, France and Belgium to locate all the family members and make sure they received their funds. The whole process took 3 months, but Theresa got her final wishes. She managed to spread a little joy around the globe and light up the lives of her friends and family.  

We were proud to help Theresa fulfil her final wishes. We helped by:

  • Listening carefully to her final wishes
  • Drawing up large lists of beneficiaries
  • Making sure everyone got their money
  • Closing Theresa’s estate

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