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Stacey’s Story: Protecting her assets with a will

Protecting your assets with a will

Deciding to make a new will

Stacey had been divorced for five years. Stacey had always been more ambitious than her former husband. She was a hard worker who always put money to one side and invested it in small projects. Since the divorce Stacey had moved up in her career, developed a nice pension pot and some of these small investments were beginning to pay off. 

Finding experts in Wills & Probate

One day someone close to Stacey passed on and left her a small sum of money. It got Stacey thinking about all the financial progress she had made for the past five years and where it would go after she passed on. She decided to make a will.

Stacey googled solicitors in her area and found HRS Family Law Solicitors were just around the corner from her home in Kings Heath. She found that HRS Family Law were specialists in Last Will and Testaments, and they had helped thousands of people like her protect her assets. She booked an appointment online for the Saturday morning and came to see a specialist family lawyer at a free first appointment.

At the appointment Stacey brought all of her documents with her and showed the lawyer all of her assets. Stacey said she wanted the money to be divided between her new partner, her niece and her mum.

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Unprotected assets after a divorce

Our specialist lawyer looked through Stacey’s documents and was shocked at what he found. Despite being divorced for five years Stacey’s last lawyer hadn’t told her to protect her assets. In the UK there are strict rules about who gets what after someone dies called ‘intestacy’ rules. These set out what happens should someone die without having a will in place. Under intestacy rules ALL of Stacey’s assets would have gone to her ex-husband should Stacey have died. Despite being divorced he was still legally her next of kin.


Getting a new will in 72 hours

Stacey couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t face the idea of all her assets going to her former partner. She instructed HRS Family Law to make her a will that really met her wishes. The lawyers got to work right away. They took copies of all of Stacey’s important documents and her wishes and began drafting a will. 72 hours later they sent her a draft document for approval. Stacey signed and is now completely protected.

We are specialists in making last will and testaments. We helped Stacey understand her rights and draft a new will at short notice. Specifically, we helped her by:

  • Saw her at short notice on a Saturday morning
  • Helped her understand her assets could go to her ex-husband if she didn’t have a will
  • Drew up a new will for her in 72 hours

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