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The SRA require that we annually consider, calculate and publish details concerning diversity at the firm.

We consider that disclosure lies within the ambit of individual staff as it includes personal information such as sexuality and identity.

In accordance with our view of this procedure we offered our staff the opportunity to put their choices forward and in the absence of answers to inform the SRA that the individuals concerned prefer not to provide the information. No staff chose to disclose their information.

Accordingly, we can now confirm that HRS Family Law Solicitors Limited employ 74 staff of whom 47 are white British and 27 are not. As a percentage that is 36.5% versus 13% for the UK. We will not be publishing any further or other data at this time.

HRS is passionately committed to equality and diversity and has always abided by our legal and moral responsibility in this regard. We also believe that everyone has the right to privacy and to retain control of their personal identity and information.

Clive Rebbeck
Managing Director