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Small Claims

Many of our clients encounter civil law problems, often as a consequence of or related to a relationship breakdown. In order to meet that demand HRS offers a small claims civil law solution on a fixed fee basis whereby we will prepare, defend and represent people in the Small Claims Court. 

Flexible Small Claims Lawyers

Separating from a partner or resolving family disputes are never simple. Sometimes legal issues like the ownership of a pet, housing issues,  neighbour disputes or consumer law problems can arise as part of a wider family or relationship problem. Our expert family law solicitors are on hand to help you through these complex areas of law. We can help you as much or as little as you like on a fixed fee basis. For more info on the ways we can help check out our ‘How we can help’ section or visit our Small Claims FAQs. If you’d like to speak to a lawyer free of charge book your first free appointment today. 

How we can help…

Defending or pursuing a small claim can be a complicated affair. We can represent you through the whole process by drafting, submitting and fighting the whole claim on your behalf. Or, we could offer you what’s known as an unbundled service. This is basically a pick and choose option where you can pick a mixture of expert legal advice, document drafting and representation to suit your case. it’s a fantastic option for those who just want a little support here and there and the budget conscious. Book a free appointment today and an expert family lawyer can talk options with you. 

Small Claims Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small claim?

Small claims are low value civil dispute claims allocated to the small claims track in the county court. They are used as a means for settling disputes that have a value of less than £10,000. Small claims are used for things like commercial disputes, disputes with your landlord, or disputes over property. We can help you bring or defend a small claim for a fixed fee. Just book a free appointment today to find out more.

Do I need a lawyer for a small claim?

It really depends on how complex your case is. The small claims track has been designed to be friendly to people representing themselves so not everyone needs a lawyer. If you are a confident communicator or very organised you may be okay representing yourself. Having said that many people in that position like to use our unbundled service for infrequent advice regarding their case. The unbundled service means you can purchase small chunks of a lawyers time to help out with things like legal arguments and form filling, without the burden of instructing them to manage your whole case. If that sounds like something you are interested in just contact one of our expert small claims lawyers by booking a first free appointment today.

I'm getting evicted. Can you help?

If you are getting evicted please do not delay and contact us immediately. If we cannot help you we can introduce you to a range of charities and free law firms who can. Call us on 07960 126 872 or email

I'm seperating from my partner but we can't agree on who gets the pet. Can you help?

Yes we can. Rather cruelly our pets don’t get special status under divorce law. Even though many pets are as close to us as any other family member, the law treats them as property. This is why if you can’t agree on who should keep a pet after a break up you may need to take the issue to small claims court. Book a free appointment with one of our expert family lawyers today and we can discuss a course of action with you that may even avoid court all together.

What are fast track or multi track claims?

A small claim is a civil case that has been assigned to the small claims track. Fast track and multi track cases are civil claims that have been assigned to a fast track or multi track in the county or high courts. Whilst small claims are relatively simple and straightforward, fast track or multi track claims are complex and expert legal advice should be sought immediately. If you have been told your case has been assigned to a fast track or multi track please contact us right away and we can see if we can help. Just book an appointment below for a free consultation.

Can I get legal aid for small claims?

This is very unlikely but still possible. If you’d like us to check if you are eligble for legal aid then please book a free appointment and a lawyer will conduct a check on your behalf. For those that aren’t eligble we can offer you a payment plan or access to our unbundled, pick and choose service. Book a free appointment for more info.

I've been taken to small claims but don't know what to do. Can you help?

We certainly can. Book a first free appointment with an office near you and a lawyer will talk through your options. It may be that you are able to represent yourself with a little extra support form us. Or if your case is complex we may be able to help you manage your whole case for a fixed fee.

I won a small claim but now the other side are refusing to pay up. What can I do?

One of the most difficult parts of winning a small claim is getting the money you are owed. Whilst it may be very difficult to retrieve your money on your own we have some proven methods for recovering small claim winnings. Book a free appointment today and we can discuss this with you in more depth.

I just want a bit of coaching and guidance in bringing a small claim. Is this something you can do?

Absolutely. We offer an unbundled service whereby we provide you with advice, guidance and a little practical support throughout your case. How much or little support you choose to use from us is entirely up to you. Book a free first appointment today to talk through the details without any obligation.

I have a claim over £10,000. Can I request for this to be seen in the small claims track?

Yes you can request for a case to be heard on the small claims track via the directions questionnaire. The final decision for which track the claim will be heard on though is entirely up to a district judge. If you’d like some advice in this area book a free first appointment with one of our solicitors and they will advise you on options.

What others are saying about our small claims service?

Alice and Geoff- Bearwood Branch

I’ve just come out of a long and complicated process and feel very relieved. Your advice was very well suited to the situation and always timely. Thank you from Alice and Geoff

Alex- Birmingham Branch

Thanks to you guys I got my doggy back 🙂 I would have been lost without you. Big thanks to everyone at the Birmingham branch.

Jason- Dudley Branch

Helped me draft and submit a small claim against my ex. I represented myself at the hearing and won but couldn’t have done it without HRS. Highly recommended.

We offer everyone a first free appointment

If you are involved in a small claim you know it can be more complicated than first appears. We can help you manage the whole process or just provide bits of support and advise where needed. For more information on how we can help book a no obligation free appointment today. 

Small Claims Advice