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Phil’s Story: A Divorce in a Hurry

Need a divorce asap

Disclaimer: This story talks about getting a divorce certificate in the least amount of time possible. The tools and methods we use generally speed up divorce processes, but the success of these methods cannot be guaranteed.  No law firm can promise a quickie divorce. We can us our expertise to ensure it goes as quick as possible.

Needing a divorce in a hurry

Phil had been separated from his wife Karen for five years. They had a teenager and that meant they stayed on good terms and stayed in touch. All of the financial arrangements and child arrangements had been hammered out several years ago and all parties were sticking to them. Phil had forgot they never offically got divorced.

In those five years Phil had started a new relationship and decided it was time to remarry. Phil proposed to his new partner and she accepted. Out of pure joy Phil booked in the wedding venue for seven months’ time and sent out email invites to everyone including Karen. That’s when she hit Phil with the bad news…they weren’t divorced.

Phil and Karen had everything else wrapped up so well that Phil forgot they never initiated divorce proceedings. He was getting married in 7 months and they needed to get this sorted quickly. Phil came to HRS through a recommendation from a friend. He booked in his first free appointment online at the Birmingham central office. Phil was greeted by a receptionist who made him a nice cup of tea and introduced him to his dedicated family lawyer.


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Getting Expert Advice

At the meeting with the lawyer Phil explained everything. He told the lawyer how all assets and arrangements had been finalised, how the wedding was just in seven months, how he and his wife agreed on all the contentious issues and how he was terrified that they wouldn’t be able to get a divorce in time. Phil’s specialist divorce lawyer reassured him that everything would be okay.

The lawyer taught Phil that uncontested divorces in England normally take 8-9 months but with extra care and attention they can happen in just six months. At HRS we have developed the trust of the courts and the know how to make sure things get done as fast as possible. We began work on the case immediately. We spoke directly to Karen, drafted divorce papers and submitted them to Birmingham Civil Justice Centre by hand all within 24 hours.

We asked the court to fast track Phil’s divorce, successfully arguing in court this was an emergency brought about by a genuine mistake. The court agreed and the divorce proceeded through its stages quickly. We went into the court every day in person to check on progress and whenever action needed to be taken, we drafted responses by hand and delivered them by hand to save extra time.

A Divorce in Just Six Months

Phil and Karen’s divorce was delivered to them bang on six months after application, just one month before the wedding. Phil was able to get married in peace knowing that all the paperwork was sorted.

There really is no such thing as a quickie divorce but we can use our expertise to get a divorce done quicker. We help divorces move faster by:

  • Getting paperwork in ASAP
  • Working with both parties to find a resolution
  • Hand delivering all papers and notes to save postage time
  • Working with the court to get priority clearance

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