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HRS are pleased to note that work has started on our sixth office which we hope to open in March 2017. Watch this space! It has been a long time coming due to planning and complicated lease matters but we are pleased to be bringing our brand of helpful free first interviews to a new area in the West Midlands. With plans to open four more offices before 2020 we are aiming to create a further 16 new jobs. Good quality legal advice should be delivered locally by local people.

The new office initially creates four new jobs with more expected if all goes to plan. That will be 37 new jobs created by the firm in just under 10 years. This includes 8 new Solicitors to date with four more people currently training to qualify soon. Clive Rebbeck, the company MD, when asked about this approach said;

“I believe in practising what we preach. Many local firms do not want to invest in young people because it takes effort and can be expensive. We do not see it that way. Because our Solicitors are largely trained here we know that they have the knowledge and skills we require. I suppose a mark of our success is that some of our staff have been headhunted by other firms. We believe our training to be the best in our field. We will continue to hire paralegals with a view to offering training contracts for the best who will then go on to run our offices in the future.”