Do you want to mark your commitment to your long-term partner but do not want to get married?

Well now you can. As of next week it will be possible for heterosexual couples to undertake a Civil Partnership ceremony previously only available to gay people.  The Civil Partnerships Marriages and Deaths Act 2019 comes into force and it will be popular with a lot of people who don’t like all that is associated with old style marriage ceremonies.

No more honouring and obeying and a more modern take on a long-term commitment.  If you are interested, have assets  you want to protect, children from an earlier relationship or just a question then please phone and one of our trained family law specialists will help. At HRS we are experienced in the traditional divorce law but also keep up-to-date with developments as and when they happen. We stay in touch with legal changes so that our clients get the very best advice no matter how society changes and what challenges those changes bring.

All of our first interviews are free and we offer payment plans as well as fixed fees. Call any of our eight offices to book a face to face, telephone or Skype appointment. We are specialists in Family Law. We do nothing else.

To mark the new law we are offering 50% on all instructions concerning civil partnership or issues pertaining to the new legal framework and half price advice or assistance for those already in a civil partnership who have legal issues concerning their family law situation. Please quote the code: 1976.