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January 17. It has been a busy start to the year for me with new requests for annual leave and a new training year to organise. We operate a twinning scheme so that no office or role is left without cover even during the busy summer holiday season and during school holidays. If one “twin” is away then the other is working. In this way things carry on smoothly but one consequence is that everyone wants to get their requests in first!

As for training although the SRA have consigned the CPD requirements to history we still run an extensive and compulsory policy so that all fee earners receive ongoing training. They have to do 16 formal hours of training each year on top of monthly and quarterly sessions here at the firm. Guess who has to organise it all?

I am also catching up on miscellaneous calls which involves asking people about their experience with the firm. We know that being the best we can be requires that we regularly ask the people who know best; our clients. What is pleasing is how many people are genuinely pleased to help and share their experience with me. That must show that they have a good feeling for the firm.

I better get back to it. I will write again next month.

Mel N.