At HRS we work in dedicated teams, members of which specialise within an already specialist firm. With this approach the client knows that not only are they represented by someone who has chosen family law as their expert area of law but that even within that parameter our lawyers are allocated to even more specialist teams. Our people do the same job, using the same law day in and day out. We believe that this is the way to be the best we can be and deliver the best service for our clients.

The Specialist Team Ethos

Our specialist team’s work across all of our offices and are always in communication to ensure that whatever the case or legal issue we are able to give it the best attention with co-ordinated expertise, no matter which office has been visited.  In this modern age of the internet and skype we are able to operate as if we are in one office despite geographical reality.  Put simply, we can work together even when we are apart.  Our teams at HRS operate with mobile phones and laptops to make the most of the best IT available.

Teamwork is as essential to problem solving as it is to delivering legal advice.  The team approach enables us to peer review essential aspects or skills that make up the very essence of delivering a fast and professional family law service.  In many cases the advice and work is straightforward but when that is not the case our HRS team approach ensures that the highest standards are met and that the prospects for a successful result are maximised.

Care Team

Our Care team deals with all aspects of social services law, also known as public family law because it is about working with, or against, public authorities.  We use Legal Aid to advise and strengthen our client’s case.  Legal Aid is often free of charge and may not be means tested.  We represent parents in Care proceedings, family members to obtain contact with children in the care of the local authority and people with Parental responsibility at all Social services meetings.  We oppose placement applications that lead to adoption and frequently help Grandparents keep the family together.  Please telephone Victoria Hills at our West Bromwich office or Melissa Cruickshanks in Birmingham. Our care team is one of the biggest and most experienced in the West Midlands.

Delores Hall

Paralegal – Care Team, Dudley Branch

Clive Rebbeck

Director/Supervisor – Care Team, Dudley Branch

Ben Herbert

Paralegal – Care Team, Birmingham Branch

Victoria Hills


Amie Sorby

Paralegal – Care Team, Birmingham Branch

Gugan Johal

(Paralegal) - Care Team, Walsall Branch

Kelly Howell

(Paralegal) – Care Team, Dudley Branch

Divorce & Children Law Team

Most of our Solicitors undertake both Divorce and Children Act work because the two are often inherently linked. While some of our very specialised senior staff only work in the Divorce and finances area of law, this is the exception rather than the norm.

Our Divorce team provide the full range of financial and legal services for couples who have decided to end their relationship. We undertake cases in Cohabitation law and marriages abroad, financial cases and Ancillary Relief, consent orders, spousal and child maintenance. Whatever office you visit you can count on the team approach delivered by HRS whereby expertise is accessed as required across geographical locations.

Our children law team are likewise experts in their field and undertake child arrangement orders, orders for disclosure of the whereabouts of children and their return, prohibited steps orders and, where practicable, negotiated arrangements for children as well as the complicated niche types of case like special guardianship orders and same sex divorce or step-parent issues such as adoption. The modern law pertaining to children is complicated and our team have both the knowledge and experience to address all circumstances.

Both teams can offer urgent protective action when required so that it is in place immediately. As the two teams work together and so often overlap both are set out herein, below;

Sana Ahmed

Solicitor - Divorce and Domestic Violence Team, West Bromwich Branch

Nicola Thomas

(Paralegal) - Divorce & Domestic Violence Team, Dudley Branch

Rebecca Cross

Trainee Solicitor, Birmingham Branch

Leanne Halls-Albutt

Affiliate Member of CiLex – Family Department, West Bromwich Branch

Theresa Walker

(Family Law Executive) - Domestic Violence and Non-Contentious Team, Bearwood Branch

Nisha Bakshi

(Supervisor) - Divorce Team, Bearwood Branch

Bryan Reed

(Solicitor) Divorce Team, Birmingham Branch

Arzu Lone

(Solicitor) Divorce Team, West Bromwich Branch

Private Law & Children's Team

Hannah Gomez

(Paralegal) – Private Law Team, Birmingham Branch

Sophie Warren

(Paralegal) – Private Law Team, Birmingham Branch

Judala Bailey

(Paralegal) – Private Law Team, Walsall Branch

Naila Akhtar

(Solicitor) – Private Children Team, West Bromwich Branch

Domestic Violence Team

Domestic abuse is the first area in which our fee earners are trained when they join the firm which underlines how seriously we take the issue and the fact that all of our staff are able to assist in this regard. For convenience and to ensure responsiveness each office has a lawyer tasked with undertaking this area of law and we also operate a rota system across all five offices in the event of extra staff being required at ant venue on any particular day.

The HRS domestic violence team work with many organisations such as Women’s Aid including weekly surgeries at their hostels to help people at source. We obtain injunctions, non-molestation and occupation orders, to exclude someone from a property, on a daily basis and have an emergency rota for specialist advice and assistance at any of our offices, at all times.

We can also obtain Forced Marriage orders to stop a forced arrangement, act to enforce injunctions and often liaise with the Police to facilitate matters such as an emergency panic button being installed or clarification of bail conditions.

Please contact any of our offices or use our emergency number 07960 126872.

Kiran Sumera

(Paralegal) - Domestic Violence Team, Birmingham Branch

Nicola Thomas

(Paralegal) - Divorce & Domestic Violence Team, Dudley Branch

Rebecca Cross

Trainee Solicitor, (Paralegal) - Domestic Violence Team, Erdington Branch

Sana Ahmed

Trainee Solicitor - Divorce and Domestic Violence Team, West Bromwich Branch

Support & Admin Team

All of these experts need back up and we have a great team of support and admin staff behind us.  Lynn, Larissa, Charlotte, Molly and Alison are the receptionists at our five offices.  They are trained in customer service and want to help six days a week.

Our Accounts team are William Raine, the Practice and Finance Manager, Natalie Smith, Accounts assistant & Tracey Newton.  They are in place to help fee earners and clients alike address all issues of payment and funding.  At HRS we want to help you find a way to get the legal advice you both need and deserve.

Lynn Jesson

Reception (Walsall Branch)

Molly Cartwright

Reception (Dudley Branch)

Alison Harding

Reception (West Bromwich Branch)

Larissa Steatham-Groce

Reception (Bearwood Branch)

Shannon Watts

Reception, Birmingham Branch

Melissa Nicolls

Compliance Manager, West Bromwich Branch

Joy Bache

Receptionist - Erdington Branch

Tracey Newton

Credit Controller, West Bromwich Branch

William Raine

Practice and Finance Manager, West Bromwich Branch

Natalie Smith

Accounts Assistant, West Bromwich Branch

Lily Southern

Admin Assistant, West Bromwich Branch

Non-contentious Team

The HRS non-contentious team deal with such matters as Probate, Wills and Lasting Powers or Court of Protection work.  We work to do our best in difficult times so that whatever the urgency or limitation, such as mobility problems, we will visit at short notice in the home or at the office during weekends and evenings.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility and competitive prices.  We know that these matters are sensitive but precisely because of that you need us to be professional and efficient. That is our aim at all times.  Clive Rebbeck and his team can be contacted out of hours on our emergency number 07960 126869.

The Advocacy Team

At HRS we use our own in-house Solicitor advocates to ensure continuity in representation and to keep legal costs down. Whilst we can and do instruct counsel, on request, many of our clients prefer the model of being advised and represented by lawyers from the same organisation to bring cohesion to the legal process.

Victoria Hills and her team are in Court every day doing the same types of law month after month, year in and year out.

As ever if the client chooses, and in conjunction with our client first policy, then barristers from local and London chambers will be instructed as required. Please note, however, that this is inherently at a greater cost and continuity cannot then be guaranteed.

Our method of representation is now being copied by other firms, and we believe, that it brings the best prospects of success at key moments in the legal process, namely when the Court is tasked with making a contentious decision. It is a modern system, commensurate with that used in the United States, differentiating HRS from other firms.

Please ask the receptionist about our advocacy team and unbundling options for representation without the normal retainer.

Victoria Hills


Clive Rebbeck