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Margaret’s Story: Adopting her grandchildren to stop them going into care

Adopting grandchildren

Margaret’s daughter Sarah was in a bad way. She had gotten involved with drink and drugs and her new boyfriend was involved with crime. Sarah was getting so bad that she wasn’t looking after her kids. Every time Sarah dropped the kids off at Margaret’s house the kids would be hungry and in need of a good wash. Margaret did love having them around and helping out, but she was really worried about their welfare.

From Bad to Worse

Several months later Margaret got some terrible news. Her grandkids were going to be put into care. Sarah had let things get so bad that social services were involved, and it had gone to court. She didn’t know what to do. She began attending court hearings where she could and spoke to Sarah’s lawyer about what was happening, but no one wanted to let her in. She felt powerless. She couldn’t stand the thought of her beautiful grandkids going into care, but she didn’t know what to do.

In care cases, social services will let the parent keep the kids so long as they can see that the parent is capable and improving. Unfortunately, Margaret knew Sarah wasn’t improving. She was still using drugs, drinking and involved in crime. Margaret knew something had to be done to stop the kids going into care so she asked Sarah’s lawyer if they knew anyone who could help her. They recommended HRS Family Law Solicitors.

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Taking action to keep her grandkids

Margaret gave us a call to book her first free appointment and came to see a specialist care and adoption lawyer at our Birmingham Central Office. When Margaret came to see us, she was really confused. She didn’t know what was happening with all the complicated court proceedings. She just needed to know how to stop her grandkids going into care. Our lawyer sat down and explained everything that was happening and made it all clear. He presented Margaret with a range of options around how she could help. One option really stuck in her mind…adoption.

She never really thought about it before, but she could adopt her grandkids. That way they’d stay in the family and when Sarah got better again, they could see her. This was a big decision. Could she really look after two young kids? It had been a while since she’d raised a child, but she was determined to make sure the kids stayed in the family. She decided she was going to do it, whatever it took.

Fighting for her grandkids in court

Margaret booked a second appointment with HRS. The fight for her grandkids was on. We conducted extensive research into Margaret and asked social services for a parenting assessment and family assessment. We applied for Margaret to be a party to Sarah’s case and started adoption proceedings separately.

We put all our evidence to the court and argued that the best thing for the children’s welfare and mental health was to stay in the loving care of their nan. We asked Sarah, social services, the children’s lawyer and the judge to consider all the evidence and to think about how much healthier and happier the children would be. Each party took their time, but they eventually agreed.

After several months of back and forth the adoption was granted. Margaret and Sarah were so happy. The boys were going to have a home with someone they knew and loved. Margaret got to take them home the next day. Sarah could come around and visit them once a week but only if she was sober and social services would be keeping an eye on her.

Bringing the grandkids home

At the end of the battle Sarah began to clean up her act. Having her boys so close but having strict visiting conditions in place meant she sobered up and started to put her house in order. The boys were really happy with their grandma. They got to stay at their school and were showered with attention.

We are proud to have been part of Sarah and Margaret’s story. We fought hard to keep the family together and won. We helped by:

  • Making Margaret a key part of the care proceedings
  • Getting an assessment for her that proved she could care for the kids
  • Applied for adoption
  • Convinced the court to let the grandkids go home with Margaret

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