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Litigation & Advice

With our Litigation & Advice services, you pick and choose a bundle of services to support your case. It’s ideal for people representing themselves who just need a bit of support and direction. So if you just want a bit of help filling out forms, a general letter before action, or some representation at a key hearing, we can help. Book a first free appointment today to find out more.

Pick and Choose Litigation & Advice Services

Defending or pursuing a claim can be a complicated affair. We can represent you through the whole process by drafting, submitting and fighting the whole claim on your behalf. Or, we could offer you what’s known as an unbundled service. This is basically a pick and choose option where you can pick a mixture of expert legal advice, document drafting and representation to suit your case. it’s a fantastic option for those who just want a little support here and there and the budget concious. Book a free appointment today and an expert family lawyer can talk options with you. 

What services can I pick and choose?

Whatever your legal problem, our specialist family lawyers can provide a range of services to help you through it. This is a list of the most common activities we carry out on a pick and choose basis. If you don’t see what you are looking for please enquire anyway. We are flexible to you:

  • Writing letters before action
  • Filling out court forms
  • Advice on the best path to take
  • Appointments with solicitors where you can ask any questions about your case
  • Representation in court
  • Responding to solicitors letters
  • Arranging mediation
  • Explaining complex legal terms and what they mean for you

Litigation & Advice Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Court case cost?

It varies so widely. An application to small claims court can be in the hundreds whereas application to higher courts can be much higher. You should get legal advice and an estimate before committing. At HRS Family Law Solicitors we can give you a free and frank estimate at your first free appointment. Book one today and we can talk you through your options.

My case has finished and I am not happy with the outcome. What can I do?

Seek legal advice. If you did not have a Solicitor then you can get an opinion from one. This is where our litigation service comes in very handy. We can help you with some basic advice for a small fee without further commitment. Ultimately, you must decide whether or not to appeal but be warned it is not easy to succeed on appeal and any application must be done quickly. Just because you are not satisfied with the judgement is not, in itself, a ground to appeal to a higher Court.

What is unbundling?

It is when a Solicitor helps you but is not on the record with the Court. This means that you are responsible for your case but get specific help with tasks for example with drafting a statement or document or even getting representation in Court on an ad hoc basis. We are experts in this service. Book a first free appointment with us today and we can help you work through your options.

I need help but am worried about the cost of legal advice. Can you help?

Yes, we understand that legal fees can be prohibitive for many people. That’s why we offer an unbundled service where you pick and choose the services you want and then spread the cost over a fixed period. Come and talk to us about it at a first free appointment.

What sort of services can I pick and choose?

Any that you like!. We can help you write letters before action, stand on your side in negotiations or mediation, file papers to court, prepare bundles, or coach you to represent yourself. Whatever you need book a first free appointment today and we can talk through your options.

Do you offer a fixed fee?

Yes. A fixed fee is available for all our areas of work as long as an agreement can be made between the parties without the need for the matter to be heard in Court.  Should we need to issue proceedings then the fee will revert an hourly rate or what is known as a staged fixed fee, i.e £500 per Court hearing or other marker. A trained solicitor can explain what fee will apply to your case at the first free appointment.

Can I pay fixed fees or by instalments or spread my costs?

Yes.  We have a number of payment schemes, including monthly Direct debit based on an agreed estimate.

Can I resolve the matter without going to Court ?

We always try to achieve this outcome for our clients but it isn’t always possible.  Litigation is by definition about two sides.  If the other party is reasonable then matters can often be concluded by negotiation.  If people are unreasonable, it may be more difficult. 

What languages do your lawyers speak?

We have Solicitors who can speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Meerpuri, amongst others and if we cannot help directly we have associates and interpreters available. So whatever language you speak we can help. 

How often do you return calls/emails to your clients?

At HRS we aim to get back to our clients the same day.  Although this may be difficult during busy times, we do maintain weekly contact with our clients in order to keep them updated on the progress of their matter and support them through their case.

Do I really need a Solicitor?

Legal proceedings are stressful, confusing and can be overwhelming. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, it is extremely helpful to have a Solicitor who can explain the legal jargon, negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you are treated fairly.  Our Solicitors have at least 6 years training and often the same or more in legal experience. They really are experts in family law. 

Can you help with my immigration status?

Certainly.  By securing a child arrangements order to spend time with a child for direct contact, it can help secure your immigration case and leave to remain in the UK too.

What others are saying about our litigation & advice service?

KW- West Brom Branch

From my inquiring online for a consultation and speaking to the receptionist was Really quick. During the consultation everything was explained in a jargon-free way by a lady who presented your company well clearly demonstrating her knowledge from the beginning to end of our conversation. I felt a real sense of relief within a short time of explaining my families situation that i was going to get the correct help at I needed at this very tough and challenging time. I was overly impressed!!!

Alice and Geoff- Bearwood Branch

I’ve just come out of a long and complicated process and feel very relieved. Your advice was very well suited to the situation and always timely. Thank you from Alice and Geoff

Alex- Birmingham Branch

Thanks to you guys I got my doggy back 🙂 I would have been lost without you. Big thanks to everyone at the Birmingham branch.

Jason- Dudley Branch

Helped me draft and submit a small claim against my ex. I represented myself at the hearing and won but couldn’t have done it without HRS. Highly recommended.

Amir- Birmingham Branch

The staff were friendly and helpful, the information given to me was clear. I found the fee reasonable as well as value for money. Excellent service throughout the whole process. Thank you for your help and support.

Brian- Kings Heath Branch

From first meeting we were at ease, you were always there for us throughout. You were professional and kept us informed. The price was agreed on day one and there were no hidden extras. You won our case within the timescale you said it would be. We are very satisfied with the service you gave us and can recommend HRS to anyone. Thank you!

Monika- Birmingham Branch

Highly recommended firm. Ashley Davies was the one who dealt with our case. He was very reassuring and always on top of everything, very approachable, listening to client’s concerns and dealing with them there and then. Documents were always ready on time and so was Ashley, never had trouble contacting him. I cannot praise him enough, having dealt with other solicitors, he was like a breath of fresh air, allowed me to relax. We cannot thank you enough!

SM- Walsall Branch

I seriously can’t thank you all enough! Eveyone form the receptionist to my Solicitor all helped me so much. I’m so glad women’s aid recommended you.

RD- West Brom Branch

I first contacted HRS two years ago when my husband’s abuse got too much. They helped me get my house back and put me in touch with all these amazing charities that gave me help and counselling. I’m still on my journey of healing but HRS are the ones who helped me start the journey at the start. If you are scared just contact them.

SC- Erdington Branch

HRS helped keep me and the kids safe from my ex. We’ve started a whole new life now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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