A busy start to the year…

Did you know that January is the busiest month of the year for family law solicitors?  It has been said that there are twice as many people getting divorced in January than any other month of the year.  Our Managing Director Clive Iain Rebbeck says: “January is always busy but contrary to the prevailing view, I think our busiest time is late summer / early autumn at the end of the long summer holiday.  Draw your own conclusions, but that does seem to be the case.  Perhaps it’s the stress of those hot foreign holidays with the kids running amok!”

With 2019 well under way, our busy specialist family lawyers can settle down and process all the new instructions and cases that have come in through January.  It is not only divorce work.  There are civil partnerships, matters relating to cohabitation; and of course, disputes about where children should live.

The firm offers pay as you go arrangements and a monthly direct debit scheme so clients can get started and worry about payment over the course of the year.  Subject to credit search in some instances just £200 on account can mean that work will start and the beginning of the process to resolving problems can begin.  We have a Payment Agreement Form for client and Solicitor to sign in order that there are no mistakes.  It sets out the basis for payment and how much is due.  Clive Rebbeck again: “I wanted a transparent system that set out all the charges up front.  We want clients to be happy and to know exactly what things are going to cost right from the outset.  Whatever arrangement is agreed, the Payment Agreement Form sets it all out and everyone can then concentrate on the job in hand; getting the best possible result for the client”.

HRS Family Law Solicitors aim to offer a price competitive service with the very best customer care.  That is why we don’t meddle with areas of law that are peripheral to our expertise.  That is also why you can be assured of receiving the very best advice available in the select areas of law that we do offer.

Eight offices, one firm. HRS Family Law Solicitors Ltd

35 lawyers. One team.


Q: What other types of law do HRS cover?

A: We are specialists in Family law, we do nothing else, however family law to a member of the public is wider in scope than some practitioners pretend. That is why for some years now we have been running our Entourage service for people who like the firm but have issues in and need help with other areas of law. Typically, we access the best advice in the country from specialist counsel and facilitate matters for the client.  It has worked well.  As of 2019 two new products have been launched; Family immigration and Family finances.

Q: What do these involve?

A: Family immigration is the law connected to migration of family members such as blood relatives or wives, short or longer term.  We offer affordable sensible advice as per our main model.

Family finance is the law pertaining to running the family household and balancing that household’s books.  It encompasses employment law and consumer disputes such as the rights of the buyer and recovering losses due to breach of contract.  Think in terms of what effects the family finances and then you can answer if a particular family law dispute will be covered.  All interviews are free as usual so if in doubt please just ask.


“I am excited about the renewal of our website.
We really are at the forefront of our industry and client’s like that.” – Victoria.


Moving on up!

Congratulations to Lauren Garner in our Walsall office.  Lauren has been a paralegal with the firm since the summer and has excelled helping out in the care department.  In recognition of her efforts the firm has awarded her a training contract that means she will qualify as a Solicitor in September 2021, all being well.

An integral part of our tight management system over the eight offices is that we have a specialist panel member in each office who is recognised by the Law Society as a specialist in their chosen field of family law.  Sana Ahmed joined the family law panel in 2018 and now has been appointed as the Supervisor for Wolverhampton.  The Supervisor system ensures compliance with the Specialist Quality Mark awarded to HRS in 2007 and maintained by the company ever since.


At HRS we want to be available to our clients.  In the C21 it is imperative to realise that we all have busy lives and methods for allowing access to legal servies are an essential part of a modern law firms methodology. That is why we always have one or more offices open on a Saturday.  Currently our Erdington office is open every Saturday so Ruby and her team can give free initial advice to any who book in.

Did you know that we can also do free first interviews by skype for those with mobility or travel issues?


The new year brings decision time for HRS fee earners.  All our lawyers are expected to undertake networking at least once per month in order to get involved in the community and give something back.  Some choose to join organisations such as the Lions in order to contribute by volunteering or fundraising.  Others choose activities such as volunteering at the CAB or attending Court meetings.  There is an endless number of possibilities.  Stakeholders such as other lawyers and business organisations provide a valuable alternative through mechanisms such as the TSG and networking groups.  Ultimately, it does not matter what you choose to do as long as you get involved and do some good!  We are always on the look out for new arrangements in order to put something back and widen our horizons so if you the reader have something in mind please let us know.


The new year also brings the much misunderstood “Appraisal” into view.  The system provides for all of our staff to fill out an appraisal questionnaire in which thy consider their role and performance for the previous year.  This is then followed up by a discussion with a member of the management team.  Together they devise a set of targets and goals as well as action for the forthcoming 12 months to include key skills to be achieved and training to undertake,

Although this is part of the Specialist Quality Mark that the company holds we find it to be a system that helpfully focuses on the key issue of staff development.  Our training system is the envy of many firms and encompasses external courses combined with a bespoke scheme for staff depending specifically on their level of experience and responsibilities.

Training is key to delivering excellent legal services and so at HRS we prioritise it.  That may be why there is such demand for our paralegal and training contract opportunities.  As always, if you, a friend or a relative has an interest in working for our progressive firm please email our Practice Manager William Raine; wr@hrsfamilylawsolicitors.com


HRS Family Law Solicitors Ltd are pleased to confirm our prices for Probate work which as per new SRA regulations is noted on our website through this monthly newsletter.  We charge from £150 plus VAT for a last Will and Testament, 1% of the estate (with a minimum of £500 plus VAT) and disbursements for Probate work, and £750 for a Lasting Power of Attorney.  There is a discount available if more than one piece of work is involved.  All travel time is included but mileage is charged.

Clive Iain Rebbeck, Director, Managing Director. 5th February 2019.