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I am pleased to report that despite all of the challenges, chaos and worry of 2020 HRS has prospered and we are in a strong position to help even more people in 2021.

Things have not, of course, always been easy. Some of us have lost loved ones. Some of us have been unwell and scared at times for others. Hopefully, with the vaccines on the way we can look forward with optimism.

Whatever the future holds I make this promise: We will continue to find ways in order to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and specialisation in order to provide the best customer service in the legal sector. We will continue to fight for our clients, delivering results that they want based on their objectives.

I am proud that we were able to keep our offices open throughout the crisis. Our staff worked wonders to ensure that our most vulnerable clients could still access essential advice despite the circumstances. Socially distanced yes, wearing a mask yes, staff on rotas, people working from home. Despite it all we maintained our service and that achievement is worthy of note.

We will shortly be opening our tenth office in Edgbaston. The Northfield office opened in autumn and is already busy. Consequently, we are again looking to hire top class family law specialists who share our ideals for a client lead world class service at achievable rates commensurate with a flexible 21st century approach to work.

Our Solicitors are equipped with the latest technology so that they can work on cases wherever they are; in the office, at Court and, of course, at home should tiers or lockdown demand it.

In 2020 we took a major step forward to move away from paper based files to remote working through a secure cloud based system. This has put us ahead of the competition in terms of our flexibility during this unprecedented and challenging time. Clients can now access our advice by telephone and video as well as face to face where possible. For staff this means that they can choose to enjoy a lifestyle that works for them and their family. We offer flexible hours and additional holiday options so that work can fit with, not jar against, home life.

We also introduced a new revolutionary booking system for clients to choose how and when they access our service. They can now decide the timing of an appointment with the lawyer of their choice, out of hours if they wish. In 2021 we intend to continue our innovative approach by introducing additional unbundled services accessible online and or remotely to make it even easier for people to access advice that fits their needs.

Thank you again to all of our staff for their fantastic effort over the last nine months.

Clive Rebbeck
Managing Director