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Geoff and Sharon’s Story: An uncontested Divorce


Geoff and Sharon were the best of friends before they decided to get married. After several years together they thought their relationship was rock solid. Unfortunately, after the big day was over something just didn’t feel right. They found themselves arguing more and more over silly things. They trundled on for 18 months hoping things would get better. Eventually they just gave in. Despite all their best efforts, both parties were just unhappy. They decided that instead of carrying on like this they would rather, separate, get a divorce and move on.


Not as simple as you’d think

Geoff thought that getting a divorce when both parties wanted it would be really easy. But when he did some research into divorce on the internet he was surprised. To get a divorce one of them would have to take blame with something that went wrong in the marriage. Or they would have to separate for two years first. Geoff didn’t understand what his options were, and he didn’t want to get things wrong, so he googled Divorce solicitors in Wolverhampton and found HRS Family Law Solicitors. He booked a first free appointment for the same day.

When Geoff came to the Wolverhampton office he was greeted with a nice cup of tea and introduced to his dedicated divorce solicitor. Geoff explained his story to the solicitor who assured Geoff that this was a common problem lots of young couples who wanted to separate faced and that HRS had many years’ experience dealing with it.


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Getting Expert Advice

Geoff’s dedicated solicitor explained a range of options and tactics Geoff might want to consider. He explained that if both parties really agreed to the divorce and how any assets would be divided beforehand the divorce would be quick, easy and could be done for a fixed fee. HRS would sort out all of the paper work and deal with all the court letters. Geoff wouldn’t have to do a thing, and everything would be resolved in 6-8 months.

Geoff was delighted. Just a few hours ago he was badly confused. Now he had clarity, a lawyer who could do all the heavy lifting and a clear plan of action. Geoff told Sharon about the meeting. Two days later Sharon met with Geoff’s lawyer and they agreed to a plan of action. Geoff wrote HRS a cheque from the joint savings account and HRS sprang into action the very next day. Throughout the process HRS kept Geoff up to date with proceedings and advised him on which courses of action to take.

Divorced After Six Months

Six months later Geoff and Sharon received their Decree Absolute in the post finalising their divorce. Both were super happy the process was quick, easy and stress free. Thanks to the sensible split up Geoff and Sharon are still friends today.

Each year we help hundreds of couples like Geoff and Sharon make a clean break. We help by:

  • Advising on the best course of action
  • Hand delivering all documents to the court for speed of service
  • Working with all sides for a quick and painless resolution
  • Taking care of all paperwork
  • Offering a fixed fee service with payment plans to spread the cost

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