The Family Courts are now, more than ever before, responsive to the threat and consequences of domestic violence. At HRS we have an emergency rota to ensure that people in fear of domestic abuse can get the help they need, fast.

For people who need urgent help and protection we are here to help, fast.  The Police should always be the first port of call but if they cannot assist, or even if they have but the perpetrator remains at large, we will apply the very same day to the Court for a Non-Molestation and or Occupation Order.  We will be with you on the return date and we will liaise with the Police, the Courts and others who can help going forward such as safe haven hostels and Women’s Aid with whom we work very closely.

For those falsely accused we will fight to clear your name, diligently prepare your case for the contested hearing and give you the chance to protect your reputation.  Findings in these cases can have serious repercussions in other cases such as Children Act hearings.

Legal Aid is still available, depending on means, for this area of law and if a relationship turns violent the Legal Aid coverage will extend to all aspects of the legal representation required to resolve the consequences of a relationship breakdown.

Please contact any of our offices at any time or our emergency telephone line, 07960 126872, out of hours.


Whether you are planning to get married, entering in to a civil patnership or simply moving in together, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and assets.