Coronavirus update No 4

The shops have re-opened and we can all see that life is, slowly, getting back to normal. Fingers crossed that things continue to improve.

At HRS we are taking further tentative steps back to normality. The Courts are re-opening for face to face hearings and our lawyers will be attending as required. At present there are still a lot of “remote” hearings by telephone and video, so if you have a Court case listed please check with your Solicitor how it is going to be managed by the Court service; telephone, video or as normal.

We have decided to open our offices for free first appointments from the 29th of June. There will be strict rules to follow, such as using sanitiser on arrival and keeping a 2 metre social distance at all times. Bear with us. Inconvenience yes, but necessary.

I hope that we can start seeing existing clients in the office from mid-July but given the potential volume of people we will have to make that decision, at the time, based on the circumstances.

The staff are now attending the office twice per week and that will increase to three times on the 29th. There are some advantages to home working such as no commute time but we know that people like to see their representative in the flesh as often as possible and so that is our aim; to make our lawyers as available as possible.

In summary therefore, we are opening up. The doors are open for anyone to pop in and chat to reception and their Solicitor if S/he is in. We hope to be back to normal asap, but in the interim please understand we are moving as fast as we can.

Regards to all of our clients and our thanks for your co-operation.

Clive Rebbeck
Managing Director