The Children Act sets out the law, in the main, concerning care of and responsibility for children. What used to be known as custody and access, then residence and contact, are now known as child arrangement orders.

At HRS because we are specialists in this area of law all of our fee earners have a wealth of experience in acting for and representing clients in the Family Courts. They do it literally every day. We often do this on a fixed fee basis for example to include all preparatory work and representation to a specific hearing.

Because we have the know how we also have the contacts and experience to access ancillary support and strategies that can make a real difference to the amount of time or the circumstances in which our clients see and care for their children.

Whether we are acting for absent fathers or concerned mothers, grandparents or siblings, we have the experience to make a difference to the outcome in ways that are not immediately apparent to those less well versed in this field of family law.

We will help with mediation and negotiation in an endeavour to help you and a former partner sort things out.  We can then draw up an agreement by consent and thereby avoid the unpleasantness of Court proceedings.

Sometimes, however, these things do not work.  In such cases, it is necessary, indeed essential, to obtain a Court Order that sets out how responsibility for and access to children will work.  This can include special occasions such as Christmas and Birthdays.  Our team appear in the Family Courts more often than any other.  They will help with cases of intransigent former partners, enforcement of Court orders and appeals where advised.

Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 can offer financial assistance in some cases with the cost of raising children.  Ask about it at your free first interview.

Ask at the first free interview about special guardianship, fact finding hearings and contact agreements.


Whether you are planning to get married, entering in to a civil patnership or simply moving in together, there are steps you can take to protect your rights and assets.