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Grant’s Story: Seeing his kids again & fighting false allegations

Child Arrangement Order

Grant worked as an electrician all of his life. He had four great kids with his ex partner Jean. He saw them all two or three times a week and got them every other Christmas. Despite never arranging anything formally Grant was happy with the way things were going. He got to see his kids as much as he could and he paid Jean maintenance to make sure they were okay. Everything was working fine until Grant got a new girlfriend.

Worried about her children


When Grant told Jean about his new girlfriend he thought she would be happy for him. Instead she wasn’t happy at all. The first thing she said was ‘Well the kids can’t see her.’ Grant thought it was just a temporary thing and didn’t want to push it. He was sure Jean would come round. After several weeks though things got worse. At first Jean would make excuses for why Grant couldn’t come round and see the kids. Then she just stopped answering the phone. Grant had gone from seeing his kids all the time to never seeing them at all. 

Grant was angry. He’d never been apart from his kids before and he was missing them badly. He desperately wanted to know what was going on so he called up Jean’s mum to see if she could help. She told Grant to never call again. All of this was getting really weird. Grant decided the best thing to do was to go round to the house and see what was happening. 

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Jean calls the police

When Grant got to the house he bought the kids a few treats and knocked on the door. All the kids ran out and gave him a big hug but Jean got really mad. She started shouting and screaming at Grant. She was swearing really loudly in front of the kids and all the neighbours so Grant got back in his van and drove home. He never wanted to cause a fuss.

Later that night Grant had a knock at the door. It was the police. He was in shock. Jean had told the police he had hit her. Grant was outraged. He would never, ever hit anybody, never mind the mother of his children. But quietly Grant cooperated with the police and told them what happened. Two days later Grant received a letter from the court. It said Jean had won a non-molestation order and he wasn’t to talk to her. He was so confused he didn’t know what to do. This was all happening so fast.  

Getting help from the experts 

Grant knew he needed help. He couldn’t cope with this on his own. That’s when he reached out to HRS Family Law Solicitors. He saw their advert on the back of a bus and decided to give them a call. The woman who answered the phone was calm and professional. She offered him a free appointment the very next day. 

When Grant arrived at our Dudley office he was clearly heartbroken. He hadn’t seen his kids in weeks and his name was being dragged through the mud. All because he had got a new girlfriend. Grant told us his story and showed us the paperwork. Right away we knew this was serious. If the allegations continued Jean might be able to stop him from seeing his kids forever. 

Putting things right

The very same day Grant came to see us we put in an application to move the non molestation order and began building a case. We called all of Jean’s neighbours and asked them what happened that night. Several said they saw Grant never go near Jean and would confirm it in writing. 

We went to court and showed this evidence to the Judge. Jean was there with her lawyer but refused to talk. They didn’t oppose the non molestation order being lifted and the Judge agreed it shouldn’t be kept in place. 

The next day we worked on getting Grant access to his kids. We first approached Jean with a letter before action asking her to negotiate a suitable child arrangement plan. Jean didn’t respond. So, we put together an application for a child arrangement order to the court. Grant was fair. All he wanted was to see his kids the same as before and he was happy to carry on paying maintenance. 
We took this argument to the judge. Using SMS messages, emails and phone records we put forward a case that Grant had been a good dad with a long history of contact. We asked for the court to carry out parental reviews and find out the wishes of the children. A copy of the court order was posted to Jean and her Lawyers. A day later, she’d had a big change of heart. 

She realised that Grant should be able to see the kids. She apologised and agreed to come to an arrangement. We negotiated a contact plan that everyone accepted and put it to court to be ratified.  

A winning solution

By standing up for Grant and using solid evidence to show he was a good dad, we managed to clear his name and win him access to his kids. We helped by:

  • Clearing a non molestation order using evidence
  • Applying to court for a child arrangement order
  • Negotiating a suitable child arrangement order with Jean
  • Getting the court to ratify the Child Arrangement order

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